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Best bars in Warsaw: A quick guide to good drinks

September 12, 2020
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Don’t spend hours strolling around Poland’s capital, trying to find the best bars in Warsaw.


Take a read of our short guide to find the best places to have a drink or seven and get your night kick-started.


Let’s get started.



Without a shadow of a doubt, the best place to get a good, cheap drink and quickly in Warsaw is Pawilony.


Located on Nowy Swiat close to Centrum, so it’s easy to get to no matter where you’re staying in Warsaw. Pawilony is basically an eclectic collection of a dozen different bars. The usual crowd is a mixture of students, locals and backpackers. A thriving bar scene, also with cocktail bars and a few Shisha bars in there for good measure.


best pawilony bars in warsaw


Whether you’re after shots, beers or some potent cocktails, Pawilony will give you value for money, that’s for damn sure.

Pawilony is located at Nowy Swiat 22 (go through the archway)

Chmury & Hyrdogazatka

Chmury & Hydrogazatka are just across the river in the up and coming area of Praga. Chmury is a quiet kind of bar that has the occasional live band, and Hydrogazatka is the club that’s attached to it.


No matter which place you go to, you can find a good drink and decent music. If you’re lucky, you may just find yourself at Hydro for a 90’s rock night or Polish hip-hop show. Speaking from personal experience, both events are a great night!

Chmury & Hydrogazatka are located at 11 Listopada 22, 03-436 Warsaw

Pinball Station

Pinball Station a museum and a bar – yes, that’s right – dedicated to pinball and arcade games – yes, that’s also right. Easy to see why it’s one of our best bars!


flipper bar warsaw best game bar

The oldest machine dates back to 1933, and there are of 55 pinball machines for you waste hours on while you sink a few drinks.


Check out more on their official English website.

Pinball Station is located at Kolejowa 8A, just behind the intersection of Kolwjowa and Przyokopowa

Warsaw Crawl

Let’s face it, there are loads of bars and places to visit in just about any city you’ll visit. In the limited time you’ve got here, you don’t want to spend any of it trying to find the best bars in Warsaw, only to end up at a dive bar, paying for overpriced drinks.


So why not jump on a pub crawl, meet other travellers and have free drinks at a handful of bars that the locals party at?


For just 55pln, roughly 12GBP or 13EUR, you can jump onto the Warsaw Crawl, hit up 3 bars, skip all the lines, and best of all – free drinks.

best warsaw pub crawl

Yup, for an hour, you won’t pay a thing for your drinks.


Every bar you go to, you’re greeted with a free shot, you’ll play some intense drinking games, and a professional photographer will follow you around – if that of course, is that you want.


Click here to buy your Warsaw Crawl ticket


Warmut is similar to Flipper in the sense that it has video games, but it’s also a lot more bar-ish than Flipper.


Not far from Plac Zbawiciela in downtown Warsaw, this is a brand spanking new bar that’s got some real charm. Downstairs you’ll find a bar serving beer, wine and spirits and on the roof of it you’ll find an inverted skyline of Warsaw.


warmut in warsaw pub bar



Upstairs, you’ll find a smaller bar and all the previously mentioned video games. Whether you want a pumping night on the dancefloor downstairs, or a more chilled night with drinks upstairs, Warmut has got you covered.

Warmut is located at Marszalkowska 45/49 Warsaw

Plan B

Plan B is a place to go as the night steps up. Located just around the corner from Warmut, it’s always, a great place to go to finish your night off.


Loads of drinks on offer, no matter what you?re into, you’re guaranteed to run into some locals, as this is one of the most popular places for locals.


There’s always a DJ doing their thing, and the fact that it?s up a narrow staircase only adds to the bizarre Eastern European charm of the place.

Plan B is located at aleja Wyzwolenia 18, Warsaw

Cuda na Kiju

Cuda na Kiju in one of the best bars in Warsaw for a relaxed beer during the long summer afternoons. Located near Warsaw’s infamous palm tree, it’s located in the building that used to be the Communist party headquarters.


Here you can find about a dozen beers on tap, as well as a wide range of wines and some decent cocktails. The place also makes some pretty damn good pizzas that go well with whatever you’re drinking.

Cuda na Kiju is located at Nowy Swiat 6/12

Elephant Belgian beer pub

Elephant is one of the best bars in Warsaw Old Town, it’s close no matter what you’re doing in Warsaw. It’s a bar that’s dedicated wholly to Belgian beer, so you know you’re in for something good.


best bars in warsaw old town belgian elephant

Source: Elephant Belgian Beer Pub Warsaw


Located in the Warsaw Old Town, just around the corner from the Old Town Market Square, you’ll get some top-notch Belgian beers served the way they should be. That is to say that you might get a beer in a normal glass if you’re lucky.


Don’t be surprised if you order a beer and it comes out in a glass horn, or with a wooden implement to hold it up.

Elephant Belgian Beer Pub is located at Freta 19, Warsaw

Kraken Rum Bar

Kraken bar is a relatively new place that specialises in good drinks and seafood. Busy on most nights, it’s a fantastic place to start your night and rub shoulders with some locals. Whether you’re into beer, rum or a wine or two, Kraken is an awesome place to get started or spend the whole evening at.


kraken rum bar in warsaw


Kraken is located at Poznanska 12, Warsaw


Alchemist is located in the stunning Metropolitan building right in the heart of Warsaw, not far from the old town. They do incredibly good food, and they do fantastic cocktails, champagne, whiskey, wine or gin.?


alchemist best gastropub in warsaw


The best part is that if you?re a beer, cider or Prosecco fan, you can pour your own drinks using their interactive self-service taps.


Alchemist is also a really nice place to go if you want a VIP night out Warsaw.

Alchemist is located at Plac Pilsudskiego 3, Metropolitan Building, Warsaw


Don’t bother reading this section if you’re not a beer fan.


PiwPaw is a craft beer pub on a whole other level.


piwpaw best craft beer pub warsaw

Source: Foursquare



Because both bars (there are 2 located in Warsaw) have a stupid number of craft beers on tap. That’s the only way to describe the number of beers here. Stupid.


But oh so so good.


Both bars are pretty big and it’s not hard to find a place to sit. Beers are really well priced and if you find something you like, you can buy it in a take-home bottle and save it for later!

PiwPaw Old Town is located at Foksal 16

PiwPaw Centrum is located at Zurawia 32/34


Another craft beer pub, Jacberwocky is located on Nowogrodska, not too far from Warsaw Centrum. What makes Jabberwocky a little different to PiwPaw is that it’s a little quieter and a better place if you’re a beer freak who wants to really explore the beers on offer.


There are loads of bottled beers, but the best ones are on tap and regularly swapped around from various parts of the world.


They’ve got their own little ‘grading’ system that shows you what the beer tastes like (hoppy, sweet, flavoured etc) and they’ve always got some cute artwork for each beer that’s totally irrelevant. That doesn’t make the beer taste any different, though.

Jabberwocky is located at Nowogrodzka 12

Go find your best bar in Warsaw!

Warsaw is full of drinking holes, no matter your preference.


The best way to find a bar you like is to keep this article handy on your phone, pick one and go check it out.


If you don’t wanna do that, jump onto the Warsaw Crawl and go check out the best bars in Warsaw with free drinks, no waiting in line and a guaranteed good night out.


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