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October 13, 2019
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Have you ever been on a pub crawl in some foreign city, playing a drinking game and have absolutely no idea what it is but absolutely fucking love it?!


Then I present to you: The ultimate guide to pub crawl drinking games. Now you may be aware of some of the age-old classics like beer pong or flip cup and don?t get me wrong they?re great.


But I?ve made this guide so that you can be prepared for any drunken shenanigans that come your way the next time you?re out on a pub crawl.


Which leads me to the first game:


Want to try out all these games and more on your next trip to Warsaw?




The beauty of this game is that it?s super easy and can be played just about anywhere and all you?ll need is a drink.


Be it some fine wine at a restaurant with your better half or a double jager bomb on the Warsaw Crawl. The aim of the game is pretty straight forward too – catch out people drinking from the wrong hand.


Drinking from the wrong hand? What does that even mean?! I did say this game was pretty easy…the ONLY rule of this game is that you have to consume your drink with your left hand (right hand if you?re a lefty).


Pretty straight forward you might think? Well, trust me, when you?ve had a thousand drinks and you can?t tell which way is up then you?re bound to get caught out on more than one occasion.


Onto the next:


Little Leprechaun

This one is pretty similar to buffalo because it?s also super easy and you also only need a drink to play.


Pretty good right?


First two games in the guide and all you need is a drink to play!! In Little Leprechaun, you have to pretend there is a little man chilling on the top of your drink and whatever you do you can?t drink him!!


This little man is your friend, you can give him a name like Larry or Lionel but whatever you do don?t forget to take him off your drink! So, the rule for this one is that before you have a sip/skull/shoey of your drink you have to take him off and sit him on the table then after you finish you have to remember to pop him back on top.


Now, if somebody sees you drink your little leprechaun then you have to go straight to the bar and drink a shot.


Next up:


Make a rule?

This game is pretty self-explanatory and I?m sure all of you have either heard of it or played it before but for those who don?t/haven?t here?s the rule – make a rule.


Okay, okay I know it?s not as simple as that but it is a pretty straight forward game. Every 30 minutes someone on your pub crawl has to set a rule that everyone must adhere to.


If someone breaks the rule, they?ve either got to down their drink or go to the bar and order a shot. You can be bit lighter on the penalties but here on the Warsaw Crawl, we don?t do things lightly so FULL RULES APPLY! Another cool thing about this game is that you can make rules on top of others which make for some hilarious moments.


Anyways, I included this game in the guide so that I could share with you some quality and slightly devilish rules. Here goes:


  • No names to be said for the rest of the night
  • No eye contact?
  • Mate – pick a mate to drink with every time you drink
  • No swearing (bound to get someone immediately after the rule is set)
  • No naming of countries (strange one but this comes up surprisingly a lot in conversation)
  • Hands can?t go above your nipples unless to drink?
  • No touching your head (a good rule to add on top of the hands can?t go above the nipples rule!!)



An age-old classic, all you?ll need is a pack of playing cards, a large jug, a couple of people (ideally 4 or more) and a bunch of drinks.


There are many ways to play kings cup but that?s because everybody plays by different rules so I?ve gone to the trouble of finding the best and most common rules which you can check out here.


Once the rules have been established, the game is a helluva lot of fun because, for every king that gets picked up, everyone playing has to put a little bit of their drink into the jug.


That means if some people are drinking vodka, others beer, others gin or that one random guy who?s drinking Baileys and milk…EVERYONE pours a little bit into the jug.


So, the aim of the game is pretty simple – DON?T PICK UP THE LAST KING!!! If you do, you get the honour of downing the cocktail jug of goodness from everyone else?s drinks that had been poured from the other 3 kings.


If you?re still up for more then check out the final drinking game of this guide:



Drinking Jenga is just like normal Jenga just wayyyy more fun because you?re getting drunk when play!!


Oh and instead of just stacking a bunch of blocks on top of one another until the thing comes crashing down, with drinking Jenga you?ve also got a bunch of crazy rules that are assigned to each block.


On Warsaw Crawl we like to use our rules which you can find here but the beauty of this game is that you can make the rules whatever you want them to be.


Another awesome thing about Warsaw Crawl is that we have an extra-large Jenga set which makes the tower collapses all the more epic!!?


Well, that?s it!! I hope you?ve all learnt something so that you can step out onto your next pub crawl with confidence knowing that whatever whacky game the guide gets you to play you?ll be fully prepared for.


And make sure the next time you?re in Warsaw you join me on the Warsaw Crawl where we?ll be able to put this guide into action!!?










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