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Where to go for a classy, VIP-night out in Warsaw

October 22, 2019
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Picture this: You?re in Warsaw with a hot date. Or you want a bit of a classy night out with some good friends you haven?t seen in ages.


A bustling bar full of drinking games or a noisy craft beer pub probably isn?t in your plans for the evening.?


Well, you?re in luck. Because Warsaw, as the capital of Poland, has some high-end places that cater to business people from the world over, but with a price tag more akin to life in Eastern Europe.?


So when you want that VIP treatment in Warsaw, here are X places and things you can get involved with:?


1 – Level 27

With a name like Level 27, you can just tell that this place is bound to have a good view.


level 27 skybar in warsaw

Source: Level 27 Instagram


Rated in the top 100 bars of the world, Level 27 is a classy place to start your evening. On a nice Friday afternoon in summer or autumn while it?s still nice outside, Level 27 is a fantastic place to start your evening with the after-work crowd for a quiet drink.?


Located right on Plac Zawiszy, Level 27 has an incredible view of the city that you?re about to get stuck into.?


2 – Panorama Sky Bar

A little more ?chill? than Level 27, Panorama is a classy little venue to soak in the view if the weather?s not so nice outside and have a good laugh with that special someone.?


panorama sky bar in warsaw

Source: Panorama website


As the highest bar in all of Warsaw, Panorama has a bit more of a ?lounge? feel, meaning you can chat and catch up with whoever you?re there with. With a wide range of cocktails (and mocktails), a classy interior and loads of comfy seating, Panorama can give you a real sense of class when you?re out on the town in Poland?s capital.?


You can find Panorama at the top floor of the Marriott on the corner of Emilii Plater and Al. Jerozolimskie, right opposite Central Station. Entry through the elevators in the lobby of the Marriott.?


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3 – The Roots

The Roots is a cocktail bar that?s located right in the heart of Warsaw, close to the old town and other places of interest for the rest of your night.?


the roots cocktail bar in warsaw

Source: The Roots


The Roots is a cocktail bar made for people who enjoy cocktails – if you?re going there just to get drunk, well, you?re doing it wrong.?


From a traditional Espresso Martini to a fruity tea with smouldering Rosemary, The Roots is a classy, elegant space where you can kick back and relax and enjoy a world-class drink. Bonus points: The bartenders at The Roots are bartenders by trade and have worked all over the world, not a fly-in expat who knows how to mix a G&T.??


4 – Uber Black

It?s all well and good to have a classy night on the town, but if you want to feel that true level of opulence, then you may as well get to these places in style, too.?


try out uber black in warsaw


If you?re coming to Warsaw from other parts of Europe, the UK or the US, you?ll no doubt be surprised to see how cheap it is here – and those prices are applicable for ride-sharing services like Uber Black, too.?


The drive from Chopin Airport (the main and closest airport) to the Palace of Science and Culture (the big, old looking building in the middle of Warsaw) is about 10kms and takes about 25-30 minutes on a good day. At that price, a trip in an Uber Black is going to cost you about 45-55PLN – that translates to about 13EUR, 12GBP or a whopping 15USD.?


Now, consider that you can travel between all these bars in Warsaw for the same price as one drink at some of them. All of a sudden, arriving at a classy bar and getting out of a Tesla, Bently or maybe even a Rolls Royce seems like a good idea.?


Check out this page if you want to know what other types of cars are on offer with Uber Black in Warsaw. Note: The website is in Polish, but the cars types are in English.?


Over to you

So there you have some classy places to go in Warsaw and the best way to get between them. So go put on your ?going out? shirt, put on that little black dress, and go experience Warsaw?s version of a high-end night out!


Want to check out some of these bars and more on your next trip to Warsaw?


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